“ Design is Magic “

Hi, I’m Emil Rajees

Ui/Ux designer/developer

About me

"Why don't you design a website ?"

I'm an Indian made, London based Ui/Ux Designer. Started my career in business management with one of the biggest companies in the world, worked on multiple projects, had successful collaborations with teams. From drawing posters in High school to designing posters, flyers, logos and editing videos in Amazon, everything went meaningful with a question from my manager. "Why don't you design a website ?".

I started learning and failing. iterations after iterations, still learning. Design has always amused me. The universe thrives on design. From humans to computers everything has a design. After my initial learning I realised the importance of design thinking and user experience in a design. A design is never edible without these ingredients. So. I started to learn more, fail more, even more. The magic of learning never failed to amuse me. That's why I say

"Design is Magic"

a globe with camera

The Fun Part



Photography is one of my favourite hobbies that I loves and passionate about. I am focused on traveling and model photography moreover. You can find my collection of albums from the Instagram


Travelling helps me discover myself, learn myself, and replenish. I travelled many parts of India and every travel helped me understand and learn different cultures. Every journey is a lesson. Every journey helps me get more closer to my soul.


Movie Addict

I’m a die hard movie addict. Loves binge watching. Adventure and Thriller’s are my favourite genre. My all time favourite movie is The Pianist. Movies help me feel relaxed and energised. I belive Movies has a sense of positivity in life.


Badminton is my favourite game. I play badminton everyday for 1 hour. It helps me concentrate on things, feel refreshed and calm. I always try to learn new skills in badminton. My favourite player is Lin Dan.