Crafting solutions through designs

How do I identify the right problems ?

Design is, at its core, about solving problems. However, identifying the right problems to solve is an art in itself. Here’s a glimpse into my methodologies: The Design Thinking Odyssey

Discover : Unveiling User Realities

In the Discover phase, I embark on a voyage to understand the user’s world. Through user interviews, surveys, and immersive experiences, I explore their pain points, desires, and aspirations.

Define: Sculpting the Design Challenge

The Define phase involves crystallizing insights into a well-defined problem statement. Collaborative sessions with stakeholders and team members ensure a shared understanding of the core problem.

Ideate: Collective Creativity Unleashed

Ideation is a collaborative dance of diverse minds. Through brainstorming sessions and ideation workshops, I weave together a tapestry of possibilities, ensuring every perspective finds a place.

Prototype: Crafting Tangible Solutions

Prototyping is where ideas take shape. Through iterative design, I create tangible prototypes early in the process. This facilitates quick testing, feedback incorporation, and refinement.

Test: User-Centric Validation

Testing is the litmus test for any design solution. In this phase, I engage users for feedback on prototypes, ensuring the final product aligns seamlessly with their needs.

Why It Matters

Identifying the right problems is more than half the battle. It ensures that the solutions crafted are not just aesthetically pleasing but genuinely impactful.

Solutions that mattered

These are some of the major design solutions that I embarked on. The journey had taught me preserverance, an open eye and empathy can help us understand the right problems and create solutions.


  • The plant instagram.
  • A social media platform designed for the plant lovers.
  • You could talk plant, tweet plant and share your plant.

Apple Pay Card

  • A picture to identify the card holder.
  • Tap the card on the phone to share the account details and contact.
  • ID tracking for theft and loss.